Jewelry Care


Each handworked piece of Margherita jewelry has its own special character. Each piece is made of .925 sterling silver or brass plated with 18K yellow or rose gold. Some pieces may contain concrete elements.

Due to the nature of the materials, metal oxidation and concrete wear from atmospheric agents and surface friction will occur over time and with use, making your Margherita item all the more personal and unique.

Sterling silver, whether brushed or polished, will react differently based on your skin compositions.

The more you enjoy your sterling silver black oxidized piece, the more it will fade. A solution is applied to speed up the natural oxidation process and give the piece a two tone finish that fades in time and with frequent wear. This is supposed to happen and is part of the technique’s charm.

The more you sport your Yellow and Rose gold plated pieces, the more they will fade. In theory plating should last a year, but this varies according to how often you wear and enjoy your Margherita piece.

Concrete is even more sensitive than metal, so if it takes a hard hit, it will chip.

Rings and bracelets generally wear the quickest because they come into constant contact with skin, clothes and various other hard surfaces. Earrings, pendants and other pieces may last longer.

To ensure the long life of your Margherita piece, treat it really well, like you would any other designer item in your wardrobe. Your jewelry needs to be cleaned, maintained and repaired.

– After wear, gently wipe metal clean with a soft cloth or jewelry polishing cream. Make sure to keep all cleaning products away from the concrete.

– When not wearing your jewelry, keep them in a safe, secure and dry place, separated by material. Coil chains gently to prevent damage.

– Do not bring jewelry into direct contact with water and chemical products. Make-up, cream, perfume and hairspray all contain chemicals that may dull the finish of your jewelry.

– Avoid impact with hard surfaces and do not yank or pull chains.

Margherita offers complimentary re-oxidization or re-plating whenever the surface dulls.

If you have any questions about the care of your jewelry please contact ghita@margheritajewelry.com