Yōdh means hand in both Phoenician and Arabic and happens to be the name of Margherita’s new commissioned capsule collection launched at Warehouse 421, Abu Dhabi as part of the Nomadic Traces: Journeys of Arabian Scripts co-exhibition with 8 other artists and designers (on until July 2019).


The five distinct silver rings were inspired by the ancient and powerful symbol of the hand, which to this day is believed to impart happiness, luck, health and good fortune to its possessor. The rings are interpretations of Phœnecian letters – chosen because it is one of the ancient languages of Margherita’s country of origin, Lebanon, and has influenced Arabic, the main national language – each carrying a meaning tied to the hand and human body.

Stay tuned! The rings will be available for retail in Fall via our website and other select stores.

This Nomadic Traces exhibition is in partnership with Khatt Foundation.

For more info please visit www.warehouse421.ae